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A judge in the Mexican capital granted a temporary stay ofGuzman's extradition, in place until the appeals can be heard. Jose Refugio Rodriguez, one of Guzman's attorneys, told the AP that the appeals argue that the statute of limitations on some of the charges leveled against Guzman have expired and that some of the accusations against him are based on hearsay, rather than direct evidence. Guzman's appeals come a little more than a month after the Mexican government approved the drug lord's extradition to courts in Texas and California. Despite the extradition's approval, Guzman's legal team can still file injunctions against his transfer , and Rodriguez said on Tuesday that the process could take three years. In California, Guzman has been accused of conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine, and he has been accused of criminal association, weapons possession, homicide, and money laundering in Texas. The Mexican government's approval of Guzman's transfer north was conditioned in part on the US waiving the death penalty. Rodriguez argued there are insufficient guarantees that will happen, saying that the US embassy in Mexico doesn't have the power to ensure it. "Who is the ambassador to promise this?" Rodriguez said , according to the AP. "He is the United States representative for diplomatic relations and lacks the authority to say that the death penalty will not be applied." View gallery .

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Are the key words the names of the person or business in the meta-data or in the content of the article? Or both? Cutis Boyd of Future Solutions Media , an SEO reputation company, told me. You cant build a plan if you dont understand what or where the problem really is. But look around for a good SEO manager in your time of crisis. The field is new and complex and getting the right person is worth a few minutes of asking around and checking references because a bad fit can cost you far more than money. Start early When you find the right reputation manager, bring them in early. By early I mean immediately. Making an SEO expert part of your response team can help guide decisions like which media matter most in crafting statements, what words need to be in those statements and how, if at all, to deploy your social media resources. You can get through an active crisis without an SEO reputation oracle but bringing them in later to clean up the damage can be more difficult, take longer and cost more. Reverse SEO As the dust settles, your SEO expert will likely advise whats called a reverse SEO strategy: populating search results with information that takes away from or buries that damaging material. You can ty it on your own, or with the help of a traditional PR outlet. The idea is pretty simple: get positive news about you or your company in credible, high-ranking news outlets.

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If you are travelling by foot, you can easily slip the gamin nuvi 265wt in your pocket or handbag after you reach your destination. The C901 is square shaped chocolate weighing only 107 grams and is a pocket sized 4.13 x 1.77 x 0.51 inches. With your blue tooth capability, microphone and speaker you can match your nuvi 265wt to any blue tooth capable phone to make hands free phone calls. The C903 works the same as the C901, but just edges its fellow Sony product out by nature of colon appeal. There is video and music player as well as an FM radio with RDS. These phones are both adaptable for use with bogging with video recording, and video stabilizer. This enables you to get the information you need very fast and easy. • Ability to navigate by photo • Send addresses directly from goggle maps or Mapquest • Travel Tools - peg picture viewer, currency converter and more The gamin 265wt is also loaded with maps from the continental united states, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, A and Canada. The best thing about these updates is that they are free for the life of the device. Business and Lifestyle Portraits - these often show personality and a character or a person photographed as well as a type of work he/she does b. The C901 comes in Noble Black, Sincere Silver and Precious Peach.

Staff.uthors are listed here . Matt butts, a well-known software engineer at goggle, announced that goggle Bot would no longer treat no followed links in the same way, in order to prevent CEO service providers from using no follow for PageRank sculpting. 29 As a result of this change the usage of no follow leads to evaporation of page rank. Promoting a site to increase the number of back links, or inbound links, is another CEO tactic. Campaign Source: This is the platform you’re using to distribute the content—in this case, goggle+. goggle has made a big push to clean up the Places/Plus Local mess, and they’re clearly trying to make things easier for business owners. Reserve the same scepticism for unsolicited email about search engines as you do for “burn fat at night” diet pills or requests to help transfer funds from deposed dictators. 18 votes, average: 3.83 out of 5 SUBSCRIBE TO TOPRANK'S TIPS NEWSLETTER You will never gain enough business through billboards or referrals or direct mail or whatever to compensate for having a low-ranking website.  Before you spend any money on a search-engine-optimization campaign for your website, take advantage of Google’s free tools to optimize your site and increase its PageRank.

This satellite imagery is now used in other mapping solutions, such as the ubiquitous Google Maps, giving us theability to see the world from the comfort of our homes. Google's satellite imagery looks great, but as those in the tech world know, there is no such thing as "good enough". Better is always just around the corner, and today, the search giant announces that its imagery has been improved. "Landsat 8, which launched into orbit in 2013, is the newest sensor in the USGS/NASA Landsat Program -- superior to its predecessors in many ways. Landsat 8 captures images with greater detail, truer colors, and at an unprecedented frequency -- capturing twice as many images as Landsat 7 does every day. This new rendition of Earth uses the most recent data available -- mostly from Landsat 8 -- making it our freshest global mosaic to date", says Chris Herwig, Program Manager, Google Earth Engine. Herwig further says, "to produce this new imagery, we used the same publicly available Earth Engine APIs that scientists use to do things like track global tree cover, loss, and gain; predict Malaria outbreaks; and map global surface water over a 30 year period.Like our previous mosaic, we mined data from nearly a petabyte of Landsat imager -- thats more than 700 trillion individual pixels -- to choose the best cloud-free pixels. To put that in perspective, 700 trillion pixels is 7,000 times more pixels than the estimated number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, or 70 times more pixels than the estimated number of galaxies in the Universe". Holy cow, y'all. This enhanced imagery is quite the accomplishment. True, we cannot yet zoom in on a blade of grass or colony of ants, but Google is contributing to the overall betterment of man and science.

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